Research Commission

Research Commission
The Research Commission of the UCA prepares and manages the Own Plan of aid for the promotion of research at the University of Cadiz, reports on the creation of Research Institutes and Centres and on the recognition of Research Groups, and prepares proposals for research that it submits to the Rector and the Governing Council.


These are the functions of the Commission of Inquiry:

a) To draw up the proposal for the Own Research Plan, to be approved by the Governing Council.
b) To propose and resolve, within the framework of current legislation, the granting of grants and scholarships included in the University’s own Research Plan.
c) To rule on the approval of contracts entered into under Article 83 of the LOU, in accordance with the procedure established by regulation.
d) To report on the creation of Research Institutes and Centres and the recognition of research groups.
e) To issue any reports requested by the Rector or the Governing Council.
f) To submit to the Rector and the Governing Council such proposals as it may deem appropriate in matters within its competence.
g) To intervene in all decisions provided for in these regulations and the University of Cadiz Statutes.
h) any other tasks entrusted to it by the Governing Board in the field of research.


  • Members of the Research Commission

  • Rules of Procedures for the Research Commission

  • Meetings of the Research Commission