Talent Attraction Policy

Talent Attraction Policy

Being Ramón y Cajal at the UCA

The University of Cadiz is a young institution with an intermediate size and an important capacity for growth in research areas. The research is structured into Research Institutes which are the most suitable specialised centres for the development of research activity in Research Talent.

Our Strategic Plan focuses especially on strengthening active policies to attract research talent, especially focused on the Ramón & Cajal programme. The University of Cadiz offers places in all the calls for applications for all areas.

With the aim of promoting the integration of R&C researchers , in the Plan for the Promotion and Promotion of Research and Transfer currently active at this University, various measures have been launched:


The Own Research Plan assigns a pre-doctoral researcher to all Ramón y Cajal who join. Facilitating the incorporation to the Institution and allowing a maintenance of the research activity. This predoctoral candidate will have a three-year contract that can be extended by a quarter more if the doctoral thesis is defended within this period. The program is extended to those researchers benefiting from the Ramón y Cajal program from other institutions that join the UCA within the 15% rate.

In relation to salaries, the University of Cadiz has increased the salary level of the R&C by co-financing up to a total contract cost of €50,000. In this way, the funding received by the Ministry is increased by using its own funds to achieve a level of remuneration appropriate to research excellence. This increase has also been made on a proportional basis for Juan de la Cierva and Technical Support Personnel.


We have a significant number of unincorporated R&C places, considering the replacement rate of the University of Cadiz. Moreover, in the historic University of Cadiz, R&C has always been stabilized, even when the situation of restrictions made this situation much more complex.

The UCA finances accommodation in a university residence during the first month of incorporation. This makes it easier to find permanent accommodation in the surroundings of the University of Cadiz.

Finally, the UCA supports the researchers of the Ramón y Cajal program with a travel bag as well as the departments that host them, through financial incentives.


Development of actions in the Programme for the Promotion and Promotion of Research and Transfer. Pre-doctoral contracts associated with Ramón y Cajal Researchers incorporated into the University of Cadiz link to the performance and with a mobility bag for those who join from outside the UCA link to the performance.



Increase in the monthly salaries of Ramón y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva researchers. Link to the Governing Council agreement BOUCA223



Dissemination of the research activity of the Young Researcher Talent of the University of Cadiz.  Brochure




Facilities in the incorporation of the personnel incorporated to the University of Cadiz within the Ramón y Cajal program. Accommodation in the first month to facilitate integration into the environment of the University of Cadiz.



Call for doctoral assistants for research needs in areas receiving researchers Juan de la Cierva and Talent Hub.  BOUCA222

Administrative support


Manuela Noble – Administrative Manager – Support for Ramón y Cajal Researchers

Vicerrectorado de Investigación. Unidad de Gestión de la Investigación

Edificio Hospital Real, primera planta.

Contact Information: 956 015 839 / manuela.noble@uca.es